Finding a competent cost-effective software company to provide some unique interfacing to include dashboard reporting for senior management was simple after meeting with the Grasp Technology staff.

They are a hands-on management team and even included Grasp’s CEO and founder, Erik Mueller, in our meetings. Being one of the first CTD’s to become their most recent customer is exciting and opens the door for a lot of creativity in customizing reports geared for the corporate travel environment.

Kathy Hall-Zientek, Moog, US

Global Enterprise Solutions Division

Grasp Technologies, Inc. established the Global Enterprise Solutions Division to provide advanced business intelligence and analytics to companies seeking to better understand their travel and expense spend and proactively control costs. This division partners with its clients through a software as a service (SaaS) model using a dedicated global infrastructure that enables the client to have worldwide access to their data.

Client Profile

The typical Global Enterprise Solutions Division client profile includes the following:

  • Data consolidation and reporting requirements on a national and/or global basis
  • A need for capture and consolidation of disparate data, including backoffice, credit card, expense, GDS, procurement, G&L, CRM and Social Media
  • A need for business intelligence to be delivered to various company stakeholders via dashboards and reports
The Global Enterprise Solutions Division provides the following benefits:

  • An understanding of clients’ business needs and objectives
  • Implementation of consistent processes and procedures
  • Customer Service excellence
  • A proactive response to clients’ needs and cost containment concerns
  • Highly customizable and configurable solution
  • Enhanced ability to drive cost saving initiatives
Service on a Global Basis

  • The Global Enterprise Solutions Division provides software solutions to hundreds of clients throughout the world.
Specialty Services on a Global Basis

    The Global Enterprise Solutions Division also specializes in:

    • Data Consolidation
    • Key Performance Indicators/Metrics
    • Application Development
    • Travel Policy Consultation